Making Education Work Better for Patient Care


Continuing Medical Education is becoming an integral part of professional medical education. As movement of doctors and recertification are increasingly dependant on documented evidence that education has been continued, the need for quality CME activities, especially in Europe has never been greater.

CME accreditation is one means of ensuring that information is balanced and free from any suggestion of bias. The neutral environment enables professionals to learn about new developments and review them critically. Information that can withstand such interrogation has a much greater chance of uptake and dissemination amongst peers.

Linking CME attendance to database communications can help providers to monitor changes in practice, and deliver extended communications and other activities to a receptive audience.

Extending the impact and availability of CME through electronic and visual media can greatly enhance the value of activities. CME on demand makes information available the moment it is needed, rather than only at the time of the meeting. Matching the educational methodology with learner preferences will achieve best results. Mediate has worked on a wide range of CME programs in many countries and developed both web-based, interactive electronic and face-to-face activities. Working to ensure a distance between the organization and pharma-sponsor, content can be developed which is balanced and unbiased.

Knowledge of the various systems of CME across Europe enables Mediate to approach relevant authorities at an early stage to ensure the correct processes of development are adhered to. Within Europe, most medical societies now have systems of CME that can link to national systems.

We are able to support the program from the outset to ensure that it meets the exacting criteria for balance that CME demands. An accreditation service can also be provided, together with consultancy on the CME potential of an activity relative to specific countries and therapy areas.

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