Making Education Work Better for Patient Care




The Health service is currently facing a future without the increases in funding that it has enjoyed in the past. As demand for services goes up, more must be achieved with the same (or perhaps less).

As life expectancy increases, so does the population’s need for healthcare services. Survival prospects have also been improved through the development of new interventions. By transforming the way in which healthcare is delivered in the UK today, a future of service cuts and long waiting times can be avoided.

Mediate’s background in management, marketing consultancy and meeting facilitation, combined with our knowledge of the healthcare system and the challenges being faced enable us to provide strategic input into planning processes for new models of care.

Through a range of professional services, Mediate can support the process of change to new and effective models of care.

Our range of services includes:

• Service reviews

• Service delivery planning.

• Business case development

• Communications planning

• Education strategy  


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