Making Education Work Better for Patient Care



Securing grants to enable the creation of activities is an increasingly important pre-requisite of the educational provision that associations offer to their memberships. Whether this is for a training program, enduring materials, or scholarships; funding is vital. Success in this area is often linked to an understanding of the objectives of both the grant provider and grant recipient, and the ability to match the two together.

Expertise in international grant submission for educational programs - (CME or non-CME) - is a key strength of Mediate Health. With knowledge of international grant making bodies and skills in submission, we can assist with finding the funds to enable educational proposals to become realities.

"I wish to personally express my heartfelt appreciation to you for all the support you provided, especially in securing the scholarship grant. You were an excellent mediator!."
Mary Agyapong, Cancer Nurse, Ghana


Fundraising in support of an organisation’s mission is also an area where Mediate has worked extensively. Over the past 3 years over US$1.5 million has been raised for one organisation alone. Fundraising activities can also be developed as part of an overall development plan for an organization. These may be for other charities or in support of the organization itself.

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