Making Education Work Better for Patient Care




Collecting the information necessary to undertake a communications or educational programme is vital in order to understand the skill levels, needs and attitudes of the chosen audience and then provide information in the right format and at the right level.

Our experience in database and direct marketing enable us to collect information relevant to the brief in the most appropriate and accurate way. A full report with recommendations is provided as part of the project.


Collection methods include:

• Evaluation of existing information

• Advisory panels

• Patient focus groups

• Face to face interviews

• Online surveys

• Leader opinions

• Database analysis

• Customer segmentation

• Market intelligence  


Mediate’s ability to interpret the information with regard to how it relates to the identified issue is really what matters to our clients. Working at national and international level, we are able to distill the key messages from the information and apply it to our client’s planning and communication activities. 

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